Sell Annuity Comparison for Cash

Annuity refers to the structured payment plan an individual receives from another party. The other party is usually the company acting on another person’s behalf, a government institution, or a financial agent. It pertains to the payment of a certain amount of money to an individual on a course of several years instead of giving it on a lump sum.

But before you go ahead and contact an agent to sell your annuity, you have to conduct some good research about the annuity sales industry so you’ll get the best deal in town. If you haven’t heard yet, there are quite a number of annuity agents working today. They are looking for people who want to sell their annuity payments for cold cash.

So if you still have a good sum of annuity to receive in the future and want to get all of your money up front, you just go to these agents and let them process everything for you. At the end of the transaction, you’ll be going home with all the money you projected, less taxes, inflation rate factors, and commissions.

Agents are constantly looking for people who want to turn their annuity to cold cash. As such, they are acting fast whenever a potential customer comes to them. If you were a person who is looking to cash in all of your annuity payments, be the wise shopper and ask around first before committing to anything.

The fees of these agents is anywhere from 5% to 25%. This means that you have to deduct that amount from your projected total annuity. But that’s not all that’s deductible. There are also taxes, processing frees, and legal stamps to worry about. Therefore, it is best that you ask for a risk-free quote from these people. By risk-free, it should mean that you don’t have any obligations of pursuing the transaction if you otherwise changed your mind along the way.

The best route to go about this is to ask several quotes from several agents. This way, you will be able to make a good comparison of the projected total annuity payment you will be receiving. Feel free to inspect the quotes and the fine prints that are included in each of them.

Keep in mind that financial company who invests on your annuity sets up rules for every transaction. This is supposed to protect the interests of both the parties involved, although the company’s interests are mostly the priority. As an annuity seller, you have to be very familiar with these fine prints. You don’t want to go into trouble or any misunderstandings of some sort. It is best that you know everything you have to know about the transaction to be on the safe side.

Besides, you should learn about the basics of the transaction. Like when the check is going to be ready, what things you have to pay for, and the things you have to submit. A lot of financial companies buying annuities differ in these rules. Some writes a check up front after all the documents have been processed. For others, you have to wait a few weeks or so before the cash will be released.

Other companies would also do all the legwork for you and you just need to show up in their office to sign some documents. For others, you would need to make several trips that could otherwise be time and effort consuming on your part.

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