Interested in posting an article, white paper, or survey results about free checking on this site?  If so, please submit your information using the form below. Our goal with this site is to support the continuation of the free checking account by the nation’s community banks and credit unions.  Free checking is the account of choice for millions of hard-working Americans and we don’t want to see it vanish as the result of misleading media stories and the negative actions of the four mega-banks as it relates to eliminating free checking.  Our hope is that in the future, before financial writers and other journalists write negative stories about the future of free checking, they come to this site for background information on the coveted free checking account.

What Caused the Creation
of Free Checking Information?

For years free checking was the most important checking account in the nation. Almost every bank and credit union offered it. Then, all of a sudden when the great recession came along, the four mega-banks started dumping this account. That is fine. What isn’t fine is that they tried to poison the free checking well in an attempt to get other banks and credit unions to drop the account as well. They are afraid of the free checking competition from the thousands of little guys. Their goal is to force others to drop free checking so they aren’t faced with free checking competition. The mega-banks are in the “too big to fail” category and therefore can do pretty much what they want knowing full well they’ll be bailed out again if they behave poorly. Our goal is to keep free checking alive and well so that the majority of the nation’s community banks and credit unions continue making it available – the only checking account in the nation to reach this level of popularity.  is an independent resource not owned or maintained by any bank or credit union or third-party vendor serving the financial services industry.