Reasons to Sell Structured Settlement Annuity

When emergency arises, people need to have money immediately they cannot wait for their annuity payments. It is a good thing then that there are various companies in the market that are willing to buy your structured settlement annuity so you can have cash when you need it most.

There are various reasons why people decide to sell structured settlement annuity some do it voluntarily while others do it because they have no other choice. Whatever the reason though, having an annuity payment buyer to turn to in time of need is definitely a welcome option for anyone concerned.

Basically, what you need to understand about structured settlements is that they are just financial agreements wherein compensation from insurance settlements will be paid using an annuity. This can be in the form of regularly scheduled payment installment over a period of time instead of being paid bulk payout. A lot of people decide to sell the annuity payments from this kind of structure because they want to be free of the restriction of waiting for the disbursement.

Some people prefer to receive lump sum because they need it for their children’s education, starting a business, or a medical emergency. You don’t need to be concerned that selling your deferred payment from the structured settlement annuity is illegal because it is allowed in both federal as well as state laws.

You might be curious as to how insurance settlements are structured though you need to realize that insurance companies purchases annuity with a lesser amount compared to your original settlements. The annuity will pay in a combination of the principal amount and the interest rate over a certain period of time until it earns enough for your monthly payment. But with the option to sell your annuity, you can sell your future payments immediately and be free of the disbursement schedule that was imposed by your structured settlement.

There are different types of structured settlements that an individual is allowed to sell. In fact even medical malpractice settlement, personal injury settlement, product liability settlement, or from a wrongful death settlement can be sold. So the questions most people want to ask are now answered. Because yes, you can receive lump sum cash for shared, partial, or even complete buyouts depending on the plan you choose.

Take note though that you should submit relevant documents for you to be able to sell structured settlement annuity. These include the completed copy of the application, the annuity policy documents, the extended release or the settlement agreement, a recent copy of the annuity check or stub, your tax return, two identification cards (one must have a photo), marriage license if applicable, divorce decree if applicable, a copy if the Will and Probate document if applicable, and copies of any assignment, revisions, and other papers that are related to the structured settlement annuity.

Meeting these requirements is actually quite easy if you have all documents at hand. If you decide to sell structured settlement annuity to an interested company, you should do some research on their rates because you may find another company that can buy your annuity at a higher rate.

But remember that most of all, you should be assured that the company you are dealing with is really reliable so that you can get the cash you need right away.